Sevcan on Fashion’s Night Out

On 16th of September, it was Fashion?s Night Out day. If you are working full time like me, you can easily understand that it was very difficult to find so many shops except malls. That day, I was planning to go and take advantage of discounts from several brands.

This event was organized by VogueTurkiye at 3 regions as Bağdat St., İstinye Park Mall and Nişantaşı.

During the day, I received so many information from twitter about the designers? places, dj shows etc. and decided to go Nişantaşı which is also the closest place to my home.

I am sure that it was the best event place. (Especially Ozan Doğulu showed an excellent performance at Network.)

I could not find time to change my clothes and it was the worst part because so many special points seemed unlikely to accept the people with casual clothes. Even we did not have the FNO tshirts so we did not take risks and it was about hanging around with some of the friends, having fun with icecream in our hands.

After Istanbul Fashion Week, this event completed the fashion part of Istanbul as the European Capital of Culture this year.

Here is a memory of FNO event. There was a stand called ?What I?ve worn at FNO??  Now, we are on VogueTurkiye page with that clothes, can you believe this?

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