Now Sweden. Far-right march in Europe continues…

Oktoberfest. More photos here.

The Trend Continues ? Social Democrats also lose in Sweden

from Social Europe Journal » Blogs by Henning Meyer

The news is just breaking that in the Swedish elections the social democrats headed by Mona Sahlin have continued the European trend and have suffered a bitter defeat. Even though the social democratic party still commands the largest share of the vote with 29.9%, it is nevertheless the worst result in almost a century and […]

Profile | Mehmet Güner Kaplan

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

The Swedish national election ended in precisely the kind of confusion that many feared it would: Neither of the two coalitions won a majority, and the populist anti-immigration party, Sverigedemokraterna, which all other parties have explicitly refused to cooperate with, made it into Parliament. Mehmet Güner Kaplan was the only ethnic Turkish candita who won his seat while two others Hasan Dölek (Socail Demokrat) and Sedat Doğru (Moderat Party) did not make it

Coalition talks in Sweden as far-right enters parliament

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Coalition talks start in Sweden after ruling centre-right coalition won the most votes but fell short of a majority in the general election as the far right entered parliament for the first time. Swedish media see the far-right?s surge as the ?end of an era? in the country?s politics

Swedish far-right wins first seats

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition

Sweden’s far-right wins parliamentary seats for the first time, denying the governing centre-right alliance an overall majority.

Sweden: Reinfeldt wins but fails to gain majority

by Grahnlaw

Sveriges Radio International reports that the centre-right party of prime minister Fredrik Reinfeldt gained a historic 30 per cent of the vote in the Swedish parliamentary election. However, the three other parties of the governing Alliance ? Liberals, Centre Party and Christian Democrats ? lost seats, so the preliminary results point to 172 seats out of 349, three less than an outright majority.

Far right makes strides in Swedish election

Sweden yesterday (19 September) became the latest EU country to have its political establishment rocked by the electoral success of an anti-immigrant party. As polls closed, the ruling coalition had failed to win an overall majority, with the far-right Sweden Democrats holding the balance of power.

MAIN FOCUS: Swedish right-wing populists enter parliament | 20/09/2010

from euro|topics

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt’s centre-right coalition won Sweden’s parliamentary elections on Sunday with just under 50 percent of the vote. With 5.7 percent the right-wing populist Sweden Democrats have entered parliament for the first time. The success of the right is due to the lack of debate over integration and could cripple the country politically, writes the press.

Sweden wakes up to a far-right hangover

from European Voice – RSS – News & analysis

Reinfeldt is re-elected, but the Sweden Democrats grab 20 seats.

Oktoberfest. More photos here.

[Analysis] Nordic Social Democrat parties are losing their historic power

from – Headline News

Europe talks to Europe: Multiculturalism at its limits?

from Eurozine articles by Eurozine News Item
If the western model of multiculturalism has reached its limits, what are then the alternatives that can help manage diversity? On 30 September in Bratislava, Kenan Malik and Fero Sebej will discuss an issue back at the top of the European political agenda.

France and its Non-?French? Residents

from Stephen Spillane

Irish influence in the EU

from Stephen Spillane

Oktoberfest. More photos here.

?Romagate? is everywhere, including Brussels and Belgium

From a human rights perspective, Stijn Smet on the Strasbourg Observers describes the ?utterly unacceptable treatment of Roma by Sarkozy?s government?. The discriminatory practice violates both the freedom of movement within the EU and the prohibition of collective expulsions. The blog post links to the resolution by the European Parliament and the 5 August 2010 missive containing further instructions on the ?evacuation? of Roma camps.

?Romagate?: Out of sight, out of mind?

by Grahnlaw

?Out of sight, out of mind? is a very human reaction to the appearance of Roma beggars and camps. It would be easiest, if the sight would kindly evaporate. However, we have to realise that this is not going to happen. Thus, we have to expect more from our governments, at local, regional, national and European level – and from ourselves.

Britain?s security future, Paul Rogers

from open Democracy News Analysis – by Paul Rogers

The coalition government of centre-right Conservatives and more centre-left Liberal Democrats that emerged from Britain?s general election on 6 May 2010 soon pledged itself both to severe cuts in public expenditure and a major review of the country?s defence posture. Now, four months after the election, both issues are colliding with a vengeance.

?Romagate? red card: Sarkozy

by Grahnlaw

The French Nouvel Observateur published a wide European press review with, in the main, highly critical reactions to president Nicolas Sarkozy?s anti-Roma policies and EU summit outbursts.

France: Divisive and defiant

from – Analysis
France: Ill-tempered outbursts in Brussels over the expulsion of Roma migrants reflect a swerve to the right by a president in pursuit of a second term yet facing plunging poll ratings

Close election race expected in Sweden

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
Voters in Sweden go to the polls on Sunday in what is expected to be a close election race

Swedes prepare for decisive vote under far-right shadow

from Hurriyet Dailynews by STOCKHOLM – Agence France-Presse
Sweden’s general elections Sunday look set to be a cliffhanger, with polls hinting voters will re-elect a right-wing government for the first time in nearly a century.

?Romagate?: Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves ? Lessons by Chantal Brunel

by Grahnlaw

The French ?Romagate? affair tells us more about the state of the European Union than the speech of Commission president José Manuel Barroso ever did.

?Romagate? teaching from Pierre Lellouche

by Grahnlaw

On the French government website, the interior minister Brice Hortefeux, immigration and integration minister Eric Besson and EU minister Pierre Lellouche jointly reported on 30 August 2010 that 128 illicit camps had already been ?evacuated? since 28 July, out of the 300 targeted for three months.

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