No pasaran to the Coup Plotters!

Genelkurmay ve Kara Kuvvetleri boş kaldı
PM Erdoğan refused to approve a few critical appointments despite generals’ insistence….

Turkey top military posts left vacant amid probes

from Yahoo news
ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey announced promotions for senior brass on Wednesday, but left the top posts of head of the armed forces and commander of ground forces unfilled amid investigations into senior officers for political meddling.

LALE KEMAL – Irrespective of who the next Turkish commander will be?

Turkey?s civilian authority has increasingly been asserting its power against the once untouchable Turkish military — as the latest change of guard meeting and ongoing probes and trials of several hundred people, including mainly retired and active duty officers, have displayed.

KERİM BALCI – Promoting the wanted generals

Yesterday was the fourth and last day of the Supreme Military Council (YAŞ) meeting that will define the rank and file of the Turkish army. It seems journalists were working harder than the generals and civilian members of the council.

FATMA DİŞLİ ZIBAK – YAŞ?s test with the law

While the decisions of the four-day long Supreme Military Council (YAŞ) meeting were expected to the made public yesterday, analysts were discussing the latest developments in Ankara and wondering whether the council will decide on the promotions of generals for whom arrest warrants were issued during the Sledgehammer coup probe. It is the subject of significant curiosity as to whether the YAŞ decisions will reflect a respect for the law or the ignorance of it.
Turkish military blocks promotions of alleged coup plotters
Twenty-five serving generals and admirals featured on a list of 102 suspects for whom an Istanbul court in July issued an arrest warrant over the alleged

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