F.B.I. vs. Wikipedia

FBI vs. Wikipedia: "FBI Has Not Authorized Use of the FBI Seal on Wikipedia"FBI Seal on Wikipedia (Wikipedia)

Wikipedia Gets Catty in Legal Dispute Over F.B.I. Seal

from Mashable! by Samuel Axon

FBI asks Wikimedia Foundation to remove seal from websites, Wikimedia declines

from Wikinews

Breaking Down the 2009 DMCA Rulemaking, Part 1: Victory for Vidders

from EFF.org Updates by corynne

Now that the dust has settled on the long-awaited announcement of new DMCA circumvention exemptions, it?s time for an explanation of what these exemptions will (and will not) do for consumers and creators. We?ll start with a tremendously important exemption that we fear was somewhat overlooked in the excitement about jailbreaking and unlocking: breaking DVD encryption in order to take short clips for purposes of criticism and commentary for noncommercial use, educational use and documentary films.

Sad Keanu Reeves in a Helmet Meme Hits the Web [GALLERY]

from Mashable! by Brenna Ehrlich

What the “jailbreak” exemption says about the future of copyright law

from Stanford Center for Internet and Society by Larry Downes

I dashed off a piece for CNET today on the Copyright Office?s cell phone ?jailbreaking? rulemaking earlier this week. Though there has already been extensive coverage (including solid pieces in The Washington Post, a New York Times editorial, CNET, and Techdirt), there were a few interesting aspects to the decision I thought were worth highlighting.

10 Facebook Pages Every Journalist Should Follow

from All Facebook by Brian Ward

Facebook can be a great tool for the journalist. It will allow you to get inside news by following the correct pages. It can provide tips for a future story,keep you in touch with the news, and the world in general. One fact that is true, tracking stories in the digital age has changed the face journalism completely. Facebook has been a large component in this. Here are 10 Media Sources and Publications that you may or may not know about, but every journalist should follow on their Facebook.

Counting International Connections on Facebook

from …My heart’s in Accra by Ethan

My friend Onnik Krikorian has become a Facebook evangelist. Onnik, a Brit of Armenian descent, living in Armenia, is the Global Voices editor for the Caucuses, which means he?s responsible for rounding up blogs from Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan as well as parts of Turkey and Russia. This task is seriously complicated by the long-term tensions in the region. Armenia and Azerbaijan are partisans in a ?frozen? conflict ? the Nagorno-Karabakh war, which lasted from 1988 ? 1994, and remains largely unresolved.

Russia: The First Case of YouTube Ban

from Global Voices Online by Alexey Sidorenko

By Alexey Sidorenko

5 Fab Twitter Follower Visualization Tools

from Mashable! by Amy-Mae Elliott

Kate Crawford: mobile media and the art of noise

from …My heart’s in Accra by Ethan

Kate Crawford of the Journalism and Media Research Centre at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, is two years into conducting a massive study of mobile phone use amongst 18-30 year olds in Australia. The study, supported by an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant, continues through 2011, and is moving from a qualitative to a quantitative phase. Her presentation at the Berkman Center today, ?Art of Noise: Mobile Social Media and Attention?, focuses on insights from the 339 interviews conducted so far.

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