album of the week

Thunder In The Sky by Manowar

I was a bit disappointed with their latest album but this EP compensates…

Good thrash sound after a long while:
~ Dew-Scented

erkan’s best of- songs 002-003

Freedom Call – Kingdom of Madness

Scorpions – Raised on rock

new stuff

New Era of Corruption
~ Whitechapel
Not much impressed. Average. Still i cannot like death growl.

Time To Be King by Masterplan
it is ok.

older stuff

Sirenian Shores by Sirenia

special interest

Die Kemenaten Scharlachroter Lichter
by Angizia
Oh boy, such long songs. the shortest one lasts 11 minutes. But they have a calming sound, which is not very usual in metal stuff…

Silent Waters (2007) – by Amorphis

tribute to the ancestors

The Wall
~ Pink Floyd

~ Pink Floyd

~ Pink Floyd

~ The Doors

L.A. Woman
~ The Doors

Who’s Next by The Who

Morrison Hotel
~ The Doors

news roundup:

Controversial album art

from by Aaron Cohen
Wikipedia has a page dedicated to controversial album art, which I found recently while looking up background on the 23rd birthday of Appetite for Destruction (yipe).

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