Report: Ergenekon is our reality

Turkish NGOs defend Ergenekon investigation with report

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The legitimacy of the Ergenekon case has now been defended on a point-by-point basis by two civil society organizations that published a report Thursday supporting the investigation.

complete report can be accessed here.

politics roundup:

Bulwark polemic in Turkish politics (!)

TESEV?s Kurban: Solving Kurdish problem would bring more votes to AK Party

from Today’s Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news :: Interviews by YONCA POYRAZ DOĞAN
Dilek Kurban, program officer for the Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation’s (TESEV) Democratization Program, has said the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) would get votes first from the Kurds if it solves the Kurdish problem.

Symbolism in present-day Turkish politics: Between CHP-esque and AK Party-ish by KLAUSJURGENS

Any follower of modern Turkish politics will come sooner rather than later to the conclusion that talking about Turkish history is, to say the least, a very complex undertaking in this fascinating country.

12 more Releases in Sledgehammer Investigation

from Bianet :: English
The Istanbul court concerned with the “Sledgehammer” investigation into an alleged coup plan released 14 retired and active army officers on Friday and another 12 on Monday, among them a former member of the National Security Council. Three soldiers currently remain in detention.

PKK?s strategy and the European Charter of Local Self-Government by EMREUSLU

Since June 1 the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has intensified its terror attacks. There are several reasons why it needed to do this.

Can the Turkish opposition kick out Erdogan?

from FP Passport by David Kenner

A few months back, I had a pleasant lunch at a Turkish restaurant in Dupont Circle with representatives of a nascent Turkish political party, TDH. The party billed itself as a Western-oriented alternative to the ruling AKP party — and also as more dynamic and forward-looking than the CHP, the opposition party that has been the traditional home of secular Turks. It turned out to be a short-lived venture: Today, party leader Mustafa Sarigul announced that he was abandoning his plans to establish TDH as an independent political party, and would throw his support behind the CHP is Turkey’s 2011 general election.

MHP and Bahçeli?s attitude

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) leader Devlet Bahçeli?s proposals to reinstate the death penalty and emergency rule (OHAL) in the Southeast following the latest incidents of terrorism are unacceptable and would be steps backward in Turkey?s democratization adventure.

The 3CHP, 0.5AKP, 1MHP, 0.2BDP?formula by HERKÜL MİLLAS

I participated in a meeting of the Abant Platform held on June 25-27 and titled ?Tutelage and Democracy.? The meeting was informative, the participation high and it was a beautiful and hope-inspiring example of how societal consensus can be attained. This column is inspired by Abant.

Shifting Turkish border is unrealistic, experts say

from Hurriyet Dailynews
A government official’s suggestion that part of the country’s border be shifted as a way of facilitating the fight against terror has been dismissed as unfeasible.

A subcontractor PKK

Some are opposed to the argument suggesting the PKK is a subcontractor and that it has a social base and thus should be negotiated with, if there is a will to end armed conflict.

Career military forces to protect Turkey’s borders, General Staff says

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Turkey’s career military forces will take charge of guarding the country’s borders, particularly near northern Iraq, the Turkish General Staff said Friday.

The priorities have changed

from Bosphorus Diary by Yavuz Baydar

The dramatic escalation of Kurdistan Workers? Party (PKK) violence and its emotional aftermath has changed the country?s priorities.
The graph of optimism, expectations and openness related to the Kurdish initiative has been constantly downhill since late last autumn.
All the parties involved have their share of blame for the situation today:
The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government for its failure to prepare a clear roadmap and for the lack of not being (able to be) inclusive of the (high) judiciary in the agreement it has reached with the top command on various aspects of the initiative.

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