Web Censorship in Turkey: An Impasse due to a Minister who takes it personal, Kemalist complicity with the politically conservative judiciary and Indifferent user base


I feel that Mr. Yıldırım takes the web censorship issues in a very personal level in his continuously apologetic speeches. Maybe indifference of Google administrators made him angry and he is also annoyed by netizens who criticize him of web ignorance. He keeps on using nationalistic arguments, he acts as if he is the minister of finance and he keeps telling his successes in infrastructural developments and in the mean time he builds an alliance within the information technology community (see the infotech awards below). His road-making etc is all right but I wish he wasn’t involved in information highways. Yes, during his ministry Turkey succeeded to contain all fiber highways in and out of Turkey so that all web flow can be controlled. Now private companies are not allowed to have their own. All submits the central authority. Very successful Mr. Yıldırım…

In a recent BBC news (see below) head of the Ataturk Thought Association defends their position in complaining about videos etc that insult Atatürk. Her mindset is so small that she cannot see that this in long turn weakens Atatürk’s image. She and her crew live so far away from fellow netizens…

And users are quite tech savvy. They can still access Youtube etc. and they don’t need to protest in any way. I saw tons of videos about Sonisphere are already uploaded to YouTube, which is banned for more than 2 years… But the growing censorship begins to threaten digital economies. That’s what I hear. but this does not have an impact on ordinary users yet…

These are Turkish ways sometimes I like (having such ridiculous situations is not easy to achieve) and mostly I hate…

Turkey’s YouTube ban overshadows infotech awards

from Hurriyet Dailynews
A Monday award ceremony for Turkey?s top information technology companies was overshadowed by the country?s continuing ban on YouTube.

Google block

from BBC News | Europe | World Edition
How Turks react to internet censorship in their country

Internet censorship alive and well in Turkey; YouTube, some Google sites blocked
Christian Science Monitor
File photo of computer users pictured in an internet cafe in Istanbul on September 3, 2009 where governmental censorship has banned websites including the

Turkey hits at Google for ‘picking fight’

from FT.com – World, Europe
The communications minister attacks Google for ‘picking a fight’, in response to criticism of web censorship that includes a ban on its subsidiary YouTube

No cease-fire in sight for Turkey’s skirmish with YouTube

from Hurriyet Dailynews
The ongoing fight between the government and Google leaves Turkish Internet users out in the cold, unable to access some of the most popular sites on the web. While officials argue that a refusal to register and pay taxes in Turkey is behind the problem, experts say the economy and freedom of expression should not be held hostage to such spats

Google feud spotlights internet censorship in Turkey
Deutsche Welle
Professor of media studies at Istanbul Bilgi University Haluk Sahin says Turkey’s lawmakers are simply unable to move with the times.

Turkey expands Internet bans in feud with YouTube over insults to Turkish leader

from Yahoo news
ANKARA, Turkey (AP) Furious over Internet insults of the country’s beloved founder, Turkey has gone on the offensive against Google, tightening a ban on YouTube and cutting public access…

FATMA DİŞLİ ZIBAK – The Internet ban and Turkey

Transportation Minister Binali Yıldırım has drawn ire for recent statements he made in defense of a ban on the famous video-sharing website YouTube and the slowing down of services provided by search engine Google.

Minister Yıldırım: YouTube or any Other Ordinary Person…

from Bianet :: English
In the context of the access ban for the YouTube website, Transport Minister Yıldırım addressed YouTube officials, “You will be treated just the same way as the ordinary people are treated in the Turkish Republic.

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