You are all welcome to the Cyberculture course meeting tomorrow

Today is one of the busiest days for us. It is the undergraduate grade submissions deadline at Bilgi U. I am more or less ready to submit the grades. In a few hours I will be done. It is particularly the time you feel you shape the fate of others (!) You could fail some and mess his/her summer if s/he wants to graduate for instance. Maybe because I am quite generous in grading, I feel like some students try to take advantage of it. Missing deadlines, shitty presentations etc. I am particularly pissed off with those students whom I label as smartasses. They are smart, they have high grades and but they expect you to be grateful to them and give good grades even if they don’t do most of the assignments. They feel they have the right to get best grades anyway. Well, I am a little bit of an experiences lecturer now. That won’t work for me:) Let me get back to work!

Oh I forgot to real reason why I writing this post. We are organizing an end-of-the-semester event for my MA course: Issues in Cyberculture Studies. It will be in Turkish though. There are some cool new media people are attending as guest speakers. All details here.

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  1. It was a marvellous event. It was very useful for me. Each topic was very interesting and I want to learn more about each of them. I hope this repeats periodically. Thanks a lot to everyone. Thanks to Erkan Saka for his leadership. Thanks to Devletsah Ozcan, Ozgur Alaz, Ozgur Uckan, NeoOttoman, Tolga Arıcan, Ali Babaoglan and Resat Calislar for your participation.

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