Routledge’s nice gesture in support of 2010 FIFA South Africa World Cup: 90 free articles

In support of the 2010 FIFA South Africa World Cup, Routledge Journals made 90 related research articles free to access. The articles are compiled to six themes:

Culture, society and media; History; Economics; Politics and policy; Science and nutrition.

Please have a look on the selection of articles here<>.

Please note the access is available until 31 July 2010.
The Routledge 2010 World Cup Compilation
Make sure you’re up-to-date with the latest football research for the 2010 FIFA
South Africa World Cup! Routledge Journals selected 90 free articles to help you
learn and discover football in the past and present. Article themes include: culture,
society and media; history; economics; politics and policy; science and nutrition.

and a roundup:

Brazil: Soccer Dream Team Murals for the World Cup

from Global Voices Online by Debora Baldelli

By Debora Baldelli

During the first day of the World Cup, a group of 12 urban artists painted a wall of 240 m2 in the city of Rio de Janeiro featuring what they believe to be the Brazilian soccer dream team. The result may be seen at the event’s blog ?Grafite Futebol Arte? [Graffiti Soccer Art].

Algeria: Disappointment and Anger After the Defeat against Slovenia

from Global Voices Online by Mohamed Benderouiche

By Mohamed Benderouiche

Fans watching Anxiously via Amekinfo on Flickr under Creative Commons License

After a  24 years long wait, the Algerian national football team finally took part in the World Cup again. Because domestic affairs are overwhelmed with official propaganda in the media (on the radio and television), Algerians  have focused their attentions on the world cup, hoping it would provide an escape from the grind of their daily lives. The disappointment was  all the more profound after the defeat of their team against Slovenia.

Ghana: Bloggers celebrate Ghana’s victory over Serbia

from Global Voices Online by Ndesanjo Macha

By Ndesanjo Macha

The Ghana national football team, the Black Stars, became the first African team to win a match at the 2010 FIFA World Cup after beating Serbia on Sunday afternoon in South Africa. Ghanaian bloggers are celebrating this historic win.

Greece: World Cup-Mania Provides Respite from Financial Crisis

from Global Voices Online by Asteris Masouras

By Asteris Masouras

Despite the dire financial crisis unfolding in Greece, many Greeks have taken to the ?social media World Cup? with gusto – perhaps hoping for a repeat of the amazing and uplifting victory in the Euro 2004 championship rather than a rehash of the national team’s abysmal performance at the 1994 World Cup at the feet of Argentina and Nigeria.

All in the Name of the Beautiful Gain*

*A ZACF statement on the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa

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