Only in Turkey? “Turkish officials grant locals permission to build in fault zone

Turkish officials grant locals permission to build in fault zone

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Residents of an area devastated by the 1999 earthquake have won approval for construction in the fault zone, but city planners and geologists vow to fight it.

Turkey’s population is to reach 83 million by 2023, TurkStat says

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Turkey’s population, currently 72 million, will reach almost 83 million in 2023, according to research by the Turkish Statistical Institute, or TurkStat, and Hacettepe University.
Mourning family members seen during the funeral ...

Mourning family members seen during the funeral prayers for a mine explosion victim in Zonguldak, Turkey, Friday, May 21, 2010. Rescuers on Thursday found the bodies of 28 miners deep in a damaged coal mine near the northern Black Sea port of Zonguldak, making the methane gas explosion three days earlier one of the deadliest mine accidents in Turkey in recent years. Rescuers are still trying to find two miners still missing in the mine.? Read more » (AP Photo)

French Cultural Center?s director challenges elitism of Francophone Turks

from Today’s Zaman, your gateway to Turkish daily news :: Interviews by EMINE KART
Mélanie Bouchard is a young, open-minded and brave professional who has been heading the French Cultural Center in Ankara since September although she arrived in Turkey two-and-half years ago because of her spouse?s career as a diplomat working at the French Embassy.

Turkish iskender kebab to open to Europe

from Hurriyet Dailynews
Turkey’s ‘İskender kebab’ will be promoted in Europe, a Turkish businessman said on Monday.

Smoke and Mirrors…Mostly Smoke

from Mavi Boncuk

27 May Cigarette Brand/ Drawing by Atıf Tuna Full page magazine ad. Packaging photo. After fifty years may 27, 1969 coup is still behind some smoke and mirrors. But during the period after the coup it was also about smokes.

Idiots! Fifty Years Later.

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

50 years ago Turkish students are protesting in New York infront of UN building to give legitimacy to may 27, 1960 Coup that toppled Demokrat parti. Their signs rea “40 people lost… dozens killed by government …3000 students in detention camps…We want Free Speech…Down with Menderes… We do not want Dictatorship…” and many other black misinformation propaganda that were outright lies.

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