Kırmızı. A band that rocks.

I and Ümit Bektaş were lucky to meet with the members of all-girls metal band, Kırmızı, for an interview at Taksim Face. The interview will be published in a few days and here I would like to introduce a very successful and promising metal band. They have been playing together for five years now and they have been playing on Sunday nights at DoRock bar for a year. Despite playing on Sunday nights, they have a loyal fans base and the bar is full of Kırmızı audience. Band members are well educated in terms of musical training (two of them being conservatory graduates) and are determined to pursue a professional career in music industry. Their first album will be released in a year and their first single has been released recently. They mostly play covers of hardcore metal songs but they also introduce their own songs in between. As far as I know they are the only all-female metal band with a regular public appearance at the moment in Turkey. I can sincerely declare that I actually liked their performance!

Kırmızı’s first single was released by Irem Records.

Band members:

İdil Çağatay

Fulya Akgün

Başak Gün

Aslı Polat

Kırmızı’s MySpace page
Kırmızı’s Official Site.

Unlike the necessary tough images, they are cordial and quick to respond your inquiries:)

here are two videos from the band:

Kırmızı – Veda Etme

Kirmizi – Stormbringer (Deep Purple cover)

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