EU enlargement chief was in town…

EU enlargement chief presses Turkey on Cyprus, Armenia (AFP via Yahoo! News)

Swedish  Foreign Minister Carl Bildt (C) and his Turkish  counterpart ...

Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt (C) and his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu (R) talk to the media after their meeting in Saariselka Inari, in the Finnish Lapland March 12, 2010. REUTERS/Lehtikuva/Jussi Nukari

Sweden’s PM apologizes for ‘genocide’ vote

Turkey calls for more active EU foreign policy

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Turkey, Cyprus and the EU: issues and hurdles (1) by SÜHA BÖLÜKBAŞI

It is not much of a secret that Nicosia [1] has for the last few years functioned as a major hurdle to Turkey?s European Union accession process.
EU enlargement commissioner Stefan Fule gives a press conference  ...

EU enlargement commissioner Stefan Fule gives a press conference on February 2010 at EU headquarters in Brussels. Fule urged Turkey Monday to open its ports to Cyprus under a trade pact with the bloc and to press on with peace efforts with Armenia.(AFP/File/Georges Gobet)

[CROSS READER] Turkish foreign policy under the spotlight in wake of ?genocide? bills

Turkey?s domestic agenda has been full of challenging issues such as a series of discoveries of alleged coup plots to topple the government and a yet-to-be-achieved compromise on a constitutional amendment package, but now all the attention is focused outward.

PAT YALE – The EU cometh

I?m passing through Nevşehir, vaguely admiring the smart new fire station and wondering anew at the excessive size of the new Kipa shopping mall when something unexpected catches my eye.

ŞAHİN ALPAY – Where is Turkey in regard to its ?Armenian problem’?

Turkey has a problem in brief called ?the Armenian problem.? It may be defined as the question as to how the Turkish state and society is to face its history concerning the great tragedy that befell Ottoman Armenians when the Union and Progress dictators during World War I, in response to the uprising by Armenian nationalists who sided with the Russian enemy, punished nearly the entire Armenian citizenry by forcefully deporting them to Syria, thus leading to the deaths of several hundreds of thousands of them due to massacres, famine and epidemics.

İHSAN DAĞI – Back to reactionary foreign policy?

An old issue has again occupied Turkey?s foreign policy vision: the Armenian question. On this the Turkish government seems ready to bury all its foreign policy achievements of the last several years. Parliamentary decisions in the US and Sweden on the Armenian genocide claims are exaggerated. The reactions that we see towards these two countries are reminiscent of old policy perspectives.

That annual March madness: the Armenian Genocide Resolution Yet Again

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By Patricia H. Kushlis

Here we go again.  No it?s not US collegiate basketball finals.  It?s the perennial debate in the US House of Representatives over the Armenian genocide resolution.  This time it squeaked through the House Foreign Affairs Committee on March 4, 2010 by just one vote (23-22).  In November 2007 said resolution which had been voted out of the same committee by a 27-21 margin and nearly 230 sponsors and cosponsors almost made it onto the floor with the strong support of then and now Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

FATMA DİŞLİ ZIBAK – Rethinking the ?genocide? resolutions

Commenting on the recent passage of resolutions that recognize the killings of Armenians at the hands of the Ottoman Empire in 1915 as ?genocide? by a US House committee and the Swedish Parliament, analysts have said Turkey should change its discourse with regard to the incidents of 1915 and claimed that the passage of these resolutions is related more to negative perceptions of Turkey than to history.

Recent Operations Against the PKK in Belgium

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