Cyberculture roundup: The Guardian piece on Hackers, Germany on Amazon probe, Bitcoin, Google Glass…

How Hackers Changed the World and Meet the Izzards ? TV review The Guardian Anonymous famously deployed its collective muscle in the cause of WikiLeaks and the Arab spring, but since then affiliated groups such as Lulzsec have strayed into actions that some Anonymous members find either merely malicious or ethically dubious Germany probes Amazon’s … Read more

A dieu Sarkozy, we will not miss you! #france2012

Hollande ‘wins French presidency’ from BBC News | Europe | World Edition Socialist Francois Hollande has been elected as France’s new president, early estimates say, in a vote that has wide implications for the eurozone.   Hollande takes French presidency from – World, Europe François Hollande becomes first socialist to occupy the Elysée palace … Read more

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