A dieu Sarkozy, we will not miss you! #france2012

Hollande ‘wins French presidency’ from BBC News | Europe | World Edition Socialist Francois Hollande has been elected as France’s new president, early estimates say, in a vote that has wide implications for the eurozone.   Hollande takes French presidency from FT.com – World, Europe François Hollande becomes first socialist to occupy the Elysée palace … Read more

European Union Law blog presents: The 2010 Enlargement Progress Reports in a Nutshell

European Union Law: The 2010 Enlargement Progress Reports in a Nutshell from Bloggingportal.eu – Today’s posts The European Commission has presented its annual assessment of the European Union?s enlargement agenda. It comprises a 2010-2011 Strategy paper, the Opinions on the membership applications by Montenegro and Albania and seven Progress Reports on MAIN FOCUS: Berlusconi braves … Read more