Cyberculture agenda: “Careless Pirates… “FinFisher Surveillance Tools in Pakistan… “Islamic State Flocks to Diaspora…

No VPN on Earth Can Protect Careless Pirates  TorrentFreak Last year, Philip Danks, a man from the West Midlands, UK, went into a local cinema and managed to record the movie Fast and Furious 6. He later uploaded that content to the Internet. After pleading guilty, this week Wolverhampton Crown Court sentenced him to an unprecedented33 … Read more

Journalism roundup: Robert Fisk’s advice to journalists etc

Robert Fisk Offers Advice for War Reporters from Editors Weblog – all postings by Carole Wurzelbacher Robert Fisk, a Middleastern correspondent for The Independent, recently gave a speech at the Al Jazeera annual forum addressing the power of words and warning other journalists against using what he calls “words of power” in war reporting. He … Read more

PEW report: The economics of online news

The economics of online news


Editor?s note: These are excerpts from material contributed by the Pew Internet Project to the Pew Research Center?s Project for Excellence in Journalism ?State of the News Media 2010? report. Read the full report at »

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