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pirate-cardLast year, Philip Danks, a man from the West Midlands, UK, went into a local cinema and managed to record the movie Fast and Furious 6. He later uploaded that content to the Internet.

After pleading guilty, this week Wolverhampton Crown Court sentenced him to an unprecedented33 months in prison.

Students kept from using screen-based technology for five days showed improvement in recognizing emotion, US study says.

The Colors of Motion is a beautiful, interactive experiment that looks at the use of colors in movies, showing them off in a way that you’d usually never see.

Screen capture of FinFisher homepage.Screen capture of FinFisher homepage.

Written by Sohail Abid, Digital Rights Foundation. The original version of this post was published on the Digital Rights Foundation website.

‘New Tactics’ Makes a New Digital Toolkit for Activism Strategy

image_13553369780341355336974New Tactics logo from their website

New Tactics has just put together a strategy toolkit for organisations — especially those working in human rights — looking to build their strategic and technical capacities.



As Twitter shuts down access to various Islamic State fighters, members of the group are shifting their social media focus to the decentralized social network, Diaspora.

The ISIS twitterati and the online jihad

open Democracy News Analysis – by Mahmud El Shafey

ISIS and Al-Qaeda—which includes ISIS rivals the Al-Nusra Front in Syria—are competing over the same ‘talent pool’ of marginalized and angry Arab and Islamic youth, and ISIS is winning hands down.


This week, the hosts discuss social media in the context of current events and Mat’s latest Facebook experiment.
Twitter details BotMaker, its anti-spam system that has curbed junk tweets by 40%

The Next Web by Josh Ong

If you’ve used Twitter for any length of time, you’ve come in contact with its massive underbelly of spam. Today, the company shared details of its BotMaker anti-spam system, which has contributed to a 40 percent drop in Twitter’s own spam metrics since it was introduced.

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