A roundup for #BaltimoreRiots

Baltimore set for ‘victory rally’ as officers charged Thousands expected to attend march, celebrating charges against six police officers over custodial death of a black man.  AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) / Clashes in US city Baltimore after Freddie Gray funeral AL JAZEERA ENGLISH (IN DEPTH) National Guard, curfew activated amid confrontations after memorial for black … Read more

Freedom House (@freedomhousedc) releases Freedom on the Net 2014 report… Cyberculture agenda…

Report link here Turkey partly free ************** Angela Merkel calls for end to net neutrality Boing Boing by Cory Doctorow The German Chancellor — whose party is closely aligned with the telcoms sector — says she wants a two-tier Internet; on the “fast” Internet, carriers will be allowed to slow down access to services that haven’t paid … Read more