Islam in Europe: “Europe?s Most Acute Civilizational Crisis Since WWII” and a Euro roundup…

  Europe?s Most Acute Civilizational Crisis Since WWII by Reflection Cafe How Muslims Have Been Taken Hostage by Europe?s Most Acute Civilizational Crisis Since WWII Raphaël Liogier, Harvard International Review- Jan 2011 Raphaël Liogier is the director of the Observatoire du religieux ( and a University Professor in Sociology and Theory of Knowledge at the … Read more

Euro roundup: Internet giants against France, France banning full-face veil and more…

Internet Giants Take France to Court Over Personal Data Policy by Stan Schroeder Moderate secularism: a European conception, Tariq Modood from open Democracy News Analysis – by Tariq Modood The question of religion?s place in modern secular societies is intellectually contested and politically divisive. Here, the scholar Tariq Modood argues that European experience and institutional … Read more

Oh my, EU has a new problem (!) Tunisian migrants on Italian shores… a Euro roundup

As Tunisian migrants begin to arrive, Italy fears ‘epic emergency’ from FP Passport by Joshua Keating More than 4,000 Tunisian migrants have arrived on the southern Italian island of Lampedusa in since the fall of longtime strongman Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali. The perils of ‘stability,’ Europe edition from FP Passport by Cameron Abadi EU walks diplomatic tightrope on Tunisia migrants … Read more

On conference organizing and more

A nice post on conference organizing, another look at Copenhagen summit and activism, some more interesting posts and images…

Thoughts on conference organizing

from Culture Matters by gregdowney

There have been a couple of interesting posts I?ve run across in my attempts to find out what happened at the 2009 AAA conference (see especially Lorenz?s run-down at These discussions of conferences in general have encouraged me to write something about my own experiences organizing and attending conferences over the past year (see also, Lorenz?s What?s the point of anthropology conferences?, Kerim?s What?s Your Favorite Anthropology Conference? and Strong?s How to attend a conference in a couple hours). I thought I?d add a different perspective; that of the amateur, I?ll-never-do-it-again (dis-)organizer.

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