Our #wlic2012 FAIFE panel “Sleepwalking into a control society?” Storified:

IFLA 2012 Conference Session 75 Sleepwalking into a control society? Committee on Free Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) Congress track 1: Open access and digital resources. 12 August 2012 13:45 – 15:45 | Room: Session Room 1 | SI [View the story “Our #wlic2012 FAIFE panel \”Sleepwalking into a control society?\” Storified: … Read more

#wlic2012 -In 15 min. our session to begin. here are my fragments of ideas… [Response: New media control in Europe]

DO PLEASE TAKE IT AS AN EARLY DRAFT… Response: New media control in Europe -Erkan Saka, Assistant Professor, Istanbul Bilgi University, School of Communication Intro: I am mostly knowledgeable about the Turkish Case. I will add the most recent developments to my piece already published in FAIFE site. My concrete examples will be from where … Read more

My first day in 78th IFLA General Conference and Assembly (#wlic2012)

IFLA World Library and Information Congress  78th IFLA General Conference and Assembly Thanks God, it takes 4 stops by train to reach Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Center from where I stay. I did check in and stayed around a bit to focus on issues and of course focus on my tomorrow?s presentation in this session: … Read more

#wlic2012- Day 2 in Erkan?s adventures to go to Finland. Finland is now the most beloved European country for Erkan. here is why:

I was mobile all day and I could not post before. In early morning I arrived at the Finland Embassy which is located in Gaziosmanpaşa in Ankara like many other embassies. (it is ironic: the same named district in Istanbul is a lower class district and here in Ankara it is an upper class one) … Read more

Erkan’s adventures to go to Finland. Day 1. – IFLA 2012 Helsinki event…

First of all, you need a passport. But the glorious Turkish State has some difficulties to issue new passports. Because of the Armenian Genocide Bill issue in France, Turkish leaders seemed to have acted for the least damaging manner and canceled the agreement with the French company that produces new passports. Of course the pseudo-Sultan … Read more