Cyberculture agenda: Apple told to pay €13bn in back taxes to Ireland AND Deputy PM invites Apple to move int’l operations to Turkey (!)

Apple told to pay €13bn in back taxes to Ireland Boing Boing by Rob Beschizza Ireland offered Apple huge tax breaks, but didn’t give other companies the same deal. The European Commission concluded this was illegal and the companymust pay up the €13bn it would otherwise have owed in taxes. Deputy PM invites Apple to move int’l … Read more

After all, “Pirate Bay is The King of Torrents Once Again

Update: the Best 37 Torrent Sites Pirate Bay is The King of Torrents Once Again  TorrentFreak Hollywood hoped that it would never happen, but this week The Pirate Bay quietly turned thirteen years old. Torrentz Remains Down, But The Clone Wars Are On  TorrentFreak by Ernesto Mere hours after announced its farewell last week, various clones and … Read more

Journalism agenda: With 40,000 paid subscribers, Dutch journalism platform The Correspondent becoming a success story….

‘The Correspondent’ is winning crowdfunded journalism with 40,000 paid subscribers The Next Web by Bryan Clark Today, Dutch journalism platform The Correspondent announced it just reached 40,000 paying members. The feat is nothing short of amazing considering it started without a website — or any content for that matter — crowdfunded $1.7 million dollars, and continued to leverage this early … Read more