Journalism agenda: With 40,000 paid subscribers, Dutch journalism platform The Correspondent becoming a success story….

Today, Dutch journalism platform The Correspondent announced it just reached 40,000 paying members. The feat is nothing short of amazing considering it started without a website — or any content for that matter — crowdfunded $1.7 million dollars, and continued to leverage this early success into a viable business and now into a true success story. But let’s back up a second. You can’t talk about crowdfunding without talking about what’s making us take a closer look at it. In this case, it’s declining ad revenue due to ad-blocking. No matter which side of the ad-blocking debate you fall on, both sides realize that…

In the two years since it began publishing in the fall of 2013, the Dutch news siteDe Correspondent has signed up 40,000 paying members, the site said Tuesday.

Time and time again, the first reports from the scene of breaking news are shared by eyewitnesses with smartphones and social media accounts. Whether a photo, a video or a panicked string of text, people can share what they are seeing with the world in real time, making the phenomenon central in how news organisations report an event.

Reporters from digital outlets and niche publications now hold more seats in theU.S. Senate Press Gallery than reporters from daily newspapers do, according to a new report from Pew. That’s a change from the late 1990s, when “daily newspaper staff outnumbered such journalists by more than two-to-one.”

As soon as Jeff Bezos heard about Facebook Instant Articles, he wanted to participate.

“We saw [Bezos] in Sun Valley,” Dan Rose, the VP of partnerships at Facebook, said in a recent panel at the Paley International Council Summit. “He said, ‘Hey, The Washington Post isn’t participating yet. Would you please let us in? I think that we’d be your best partner.’” And, Rose said, Bezos — the CEO of Amazon and, since 2013, the owner of The Washington Post — was true to his word: The Washington Post is putting all of its content on the platform.

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