Bilgi öğrencileri Avrupa Birliği iletişim ödüllerini dağıttı.

İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi?nden Ceren Bettemir, Başak Karaman ve Gizem Yücelen slogan dalında birinci oldu. “Başbakanlığa bağlı Avrupa Birliği Genel Sekreterliği (ABGS) tarafından hayata geçirilen ?AB Yolunda Genç İletişimciler Yarışması?nda İstanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi İletişim Fakültesi öğrencileri üç dalda birinci oldu. devamı burada

Finally an official EU center in Istanbul, Fitch increases Turkey's ratings, Dutch MPs cancel trip

The new EU Center in Beşiktaş. DHA photo
The new EU Center in Beşiktaş. DHA photo.
The EU Center will be jointly facilitated by the Turkish Ministry of State?s EU General Secretariat and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality?s EU Affairs Department. VIA


Istanbul Metro Station, Taksim: Turkish Conquest of Constantinople. Photo by Jenny White

(click here for the full NY Times article). FOUND IN: Ottomania: The Empire Strikes Back
Dutch MPs cancel trip to Turkey | Radio Netherlands Worldwide

Disappointment in Turkey over cancelled trip

Turkish MPs are disappointed the Dutch parliament has cancelled a fact-finding mission about the country’s wishes to join the European Union, the NRC reports on Thursday.

Wilders and Turkey?s anti-democratization camp


Foresight analysis measures the potential impacts of foreign and domestic policy actions. For the purpose of writing this column I have chosen a number of Dutch and Turkish actors as part of a simulation exercise, and without meaning it to be derogatory in any way, have put them into a grid system of four adjacent boxes.

BB+ for Turkey

from Mavi Boncuk by M.A.M

* Thanks to economic growth and tight fiscal policy, since the 2001 financial crisis, public sector debt has come down to manageable levels..
* Reforms and restructuring have strengthened the banking sector.
* Economic growth rests on more solid foundations, driven by a dynamic private sector, productivity gains, and higher value-added production.
* The prospect of economic convergence with the European Union, demographic dynamism, and the country’s pivotal regional position tend to enhance the Turkish market’s attractiveness.
* With its extensive external financing needs, the highest of all emerging countries, Turkey remains very dependent on capital markets.
* The sharp rise of foreign currency debt in the private sector has increased its exposure to exchange rate risk.
* The antagonism between the government and militant Kemalists remains a recurring source of instability.

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Live from 17th Annual EU ? Turkey Conference of Journalists at Bilgi U.

Turkey's chief negotiatior Egemen Bağıs also attends the meeting
Turkey's chief negotiatior Egemen Bağıs also attends the meeting

All coverage is through Erkan’s filtering/paraphrasing. Please be careful in quoting. I strongly recommend to get actual transcripts instead of relying my interpretative quotation style. And I am not particularly good at concentrated listening!

(Participants in alphabetical order: Mehmet Altan (Star), Murat Belge (Taraf), Florence Biedermann (AFP, Fransa), Abdülhamit Bilici (Zaman / Cihan Haber Ajansı), Mehmet Ali Birand (Posta / Milliyet/ HDN / Kanal D), Eyüp Can (Referans), Cansu Çamlıbel (Hürriyet), Evangelos Demiris (Athens News Agency, Yunanistan), Konstanty Gebert (Gazeta Wyborcza, Polonya), Rolf Gustavsson (Svenska Dagbladet, İsveç), Emil Hurezeanu (Realitatea-Catavencu, Romanya), John Peet (The Economist, Birleşik Krallık), Bernardo de Miguel Renedo (Cinco Dias, İspanya) ve Michael Thumann (Die Zeit, Almanya).

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Pierini: 60 European journalists are brought to Turkey and 60 Turkish ones sent this year.

Bağış: M.Pierini is the Good French after Pierini’s positive remarks towards TR’s membership – [He always does that (E.S)]
Turkey is member of every European organizations except the EU.
[Praise of Istanbul, multicultural etc. happening in every panel now:)]

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