Erkan’s Field Diary is 20 years old!

The very first post archived here

I came back to Istanbul for the fieldwork in 2004. Chris Kelty recommended blogging as a research tool. He set up the first blog at, which does not exist now. I defended my thesis in 2009. However, I kept blogging. It has become a life-long project and a reason to shift attention to emerging communication technologies.

My first blog software was Movable Type. Then, I moved to Yahoo’s blogging software. Finally, I ended up with WordPress. Since then, the blog has been on this domain with the same software. I changed the template a few times, but I could not focus on it much.

Social media killed blogging. However, despite decreasing traffic, I never quit here. A big mistake was that I kept this blog as a news roundup for a long time after the emergence of social media—but of course, there were some reasons for that. For a while, this blog was a major source in English for many foreign readers. I shifted my personalized content to different social media accounts during that time.

I am back to real blogging again. This place will continue to be a more personal, central platform for the life I narrate.

I meant to celebrate the 20th anniversary but did not have time to arrange it as I recently had a very hectic time. I might surprise you with an event at the end of the summer!

Here are two goodies here. One is the party I organized when the blog reached 1 million visitors:

And here is the 10th year anniversary party:



1 thought on “Erkan’s Field Diary is 20 years old!”

  1. Happy aniversary, Erkan!! It was certainly not the worst day in my life, when I stumbled upon you in the blogosphere somewhen in 2007/2008. It was lovely and impressive to virtually accompany your journey from student to professor.
    Feel yourself hugged, my friend, and all the best for the next 20 years, at the end of which I will probably have long since moved into my last dwelling six feet under. 😉


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