From Sarajevo back to Istanbul

POINT organizers were just great. We felt at home, productive meetings, exchanging ideas, and some sightseeing…

Photo by Alex Mahadevan


One of the last places I meant to see was Gazi Husrev-beg’s library When you enter the library, the smell of books hits you. I did some reading there with many in the reading room but did not see much history-wise, I have to tell.

I could not get the name. Lots of sugar, some apple…
Home-made tea and kadaif, in the previous day.

That's where I sat.

Just in front of the library and Husrev Beg Madrasa is a small cafe, Kod Kame. In this busy neighborhood, this is a serene place to have a coffee or violate my diabetic diet and have some desserts (!). There is something with the service people. They look rude, but they are not. They are just not very smiley but recognize you. The cafe owner brought an apple-based dessert I could not get a day before.

For some personal reasons, I was quite lost recently. I finally had some peace of mind here after a week; after a hot and humid day, a breeze made me happy while I continued to read at the cafe…

Right after the conference, I accidentally met friends from, had coffee.


Alex Mahadevan and Brittani Kollar from Poynter. After Istanbul, we met again in Sarajevo!


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