Turkey uses Istanbul bombing as a pretext for deadly airstrikes in Syria and Iraq

I am totally immersed in departmental bureaucracy (curriculum etc) and a piece on metaverse and journalism. In the meantime, I missed some significant events in Turkey. I am getting lazy for the blog 🙁  Here is something to be anxious about:

People look at a site damaged by Turkish airstrikes in Hasakah province, Syria. Photograph: Baderkhan Ahmad/AP

Turkey confirms deadly airstrikes in Syria and Iraq targeting Kurdish groups

Strikes launched in retaliation for Istanbul bombing target ‘terrorist bases’, but civilian deaths reported by Kurdish officials Turkey

Türkiye launches large-scale airstrikes in Syria, Iraq in retaliation to İstanbul bombing

The strikes were carried out in retaliation to last week’s bomb attack in İstanbul. Several people, including Syrian

European politicians denounce Türkiye’s airstrikes on YPG in Syria

Türkiye’s warplanes hit dozens of targets in Iraq and Syria. While European politicians denounced the attack, Brett McGurk said

Kurdish militants deny Turkish claims they carried out Istanbul attack

Armed wing of PKK party says it would not target civilians, after bomb leaves six dead and 81 injured The armed wing of the

Istanbul bombing: 46 detained as Turkey minister blames Kurdish separatists

Six people died and 81 were injured when Istanbul’s popular pedestrian thoroughfare İstiklal Avenue was hit by a bomb attack

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