Social media restrictions after the Istanbul Taksim explosion

There are at least six killed. Most locals I know do not hang out in Taksim recently, so I assume there might be many wounded tourists… Many citizens are anxious as this triggers violent days back in 2015 Summer…

Live updates: At least six killed, 81 injured in explosion on İstanbul’s İstiklal Avenue

The explosion in Taksim could be a suspected act of “terrorism,” President Erdoğan has said. Media outlets face restrictions, including a broadcast ban, bandwith restriction on social media and reporters not allowed on the avenue.

An explosion on Istanbul’s popular pedestrian thoroughfare İstiklal Avenue has left at least six people dead and 53 others injured, Turkey’s president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has said. Istanbul’s governor, Ali Yerlikaya, tweeted to say the explosion happened at 4.20pm local time. CCTV footage released on social media shows the moment of the explosion, suggesting the blast originated from a backpack left on a bench

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