Turkey, ah no Türkiye, continues to threaten Swedish and Finnish entry to Nato

Turkey threatens year’s delay to Swedish and Finnish entry to Nato

Issue may derail alliance summit as Ankara digs in on accusation that Nordic countries harbour terrorists

Turkey has said it is willing to delay Swedish and Finnish membership of Nato for more than a year unless it receives satisfactory assurances that the two Nordic countries are willing to address support for Kurdish groups it regards as terrorist organisations.

For NATO, Turkey Is a Disruptive Ally

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s block on NATO membership for Sweden and Finland is likely to be managed, but Washington and the rest of the alliance are annoyed.

Now It’s Türkiye, Not Turkey, at the United Nations

The Turkish government wants the rest of the world to use the country’s own name for itself, and lose the association with a certain bird.

United Nations says request from Ankara has been accepted with immediate effect

Turkey’s government has sent a letter to the United Nations formally requesting that it be referred to as Türkiye, the state-run news agency has reported.

UN agrees to change Turkey’s official name to ‘Türkiye’

Turkey began the move to change its internationally recognised official name in English to Türkiye in December

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