By overusing its hand, Turkey may lose the leverage it gained after the Russian invasion of Ukraine…

Just an idea. Turkey continues to blackmail Sweden and Finland over the NATO membership, but I feel like this might be a losing move in the end. The Turkish economy is just too fragile to handle a prolonged tension. Let’s see.
Autocrats Strain Unity

Two Autocrats that Strain the European Unity…
Leaders of Turkey and Hungary are slowing the Western response to Russia.
Why has Erdoğan doubled down on threat to veto Nordic Nato bids?

Analysis: By demanding extradition of alleged PKK members, Turkish president could have one eye on elections After initial
Sweden, Finland, NATO and Turkey’s veto

Sweden’s prime minister openly stated that one issue they will discuss with Biden will be Turkey’s veto threat. They also know that the main problem of Turkey’s
NATO talks with Finland, Sweden falter but will continue

NATO envoys failed to reach a consensus on May 18 on whether to start membership talks with Finland and Sweden, diplomats
Turkey’s FM hopeful for F-16s after meeting with Blinken, reiterates opposition to Sweden, Finland

Minister Çavuşoğlu has visited the US secretary of state New York for the first meeting within the framework of the “US-
US offers ‘complete backing’ for NATO bids by Sweden and Finland

After meeting with both countries’ leaders, Biden says Sweden and Finland ‘meet every NATO requirement and then some’.
Erdoğan: Turkey will say no to Sweden and Finland’s NATO bid

President Erdoğan repeated that Turkey will oppose Sweden and Finland from joining NATO.
Turkey asks Sweden to extradite Kurdish author who died seven years ago

Ankara has asked Stockholm to extradite several “terrorism” suspects to approve its NATO membership. Kurdish author
Not only Sweden and Finland, but many European countries tolerate ‘terrorism,’ says Erdoğan

“They host them in their parliaments. They supply them with arms and ammunition. We see these. And, since we are aggrieved
Strongmen in Turkey and Hungary Stall Unity in NATO and the E.U.

Russia benefits as Turkey slows down Swedish and Finnish applications to NATO and Hungary continues to block an E.U. embargo on Russian oil.

TEN POINT MANIFESTO : What does Erdoğan want from Sweden and Finland for approval of their NATO membership?

According to the information leaked to the press from the Presidency, Erdoğan’s demands contradict the ECHR and NATO might be on the brink of a crisis.

Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan said on Monday that Swedish and Finnish delegations should not bother coming to Ankara to convince it to approve their Nato bid. Turkey surprised its Nato allies last week by saying it would not view their applications positively, mainly citing their history of hosting members of groups Ankara deems terrorists. The Swedish foreign office said earlier on Monday that senior representatives of Sweden and Finland plan to travel to Turkey for talks to address Ankara’s objections.


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