Some tragedy.. Turkish government is destroying the remnants of Atatürk Airport

That’s why Turkey will never be a developed country. Destroying an existing airport that could still be easily used… Such a waste…

Work starts to demolish Atatürk Airport runways, opposition claims İstanbul Airport to be sold – Bianet

Click to read the article in Turkish. Dozers entered İstanbul’s Atatürk Airport yesterday (May 16) to start work to convert the airport into a

Erdogan’s Plan to Demolish Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport Angers Opposition | Balkan Insight

Then Istanbul Airport, a huge project of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which opened to commercial passenger flights in 2019, is now the city’s main

Some 17 mln tourists expected to visit Istanbul

Around 17 million tourists are expected to visit Istanbul this year, with arrivals from European countries rising significantly,

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