“#Istanbul Mayor launches bid for 2036 Olympic Games

Istanbul Mayor launches bid for 2036 Olympic Games

Istanbul has launched a bid to host the 2036 Olympics and Paralympics as it seeks to finally stage the Games. The Turkish capital bid for each of the

Istanbul’s population more than 75 countries despite slight decline

Istanbul was home to nearly 600,000 fewer people than in 2020, when the population was 14.8 million, as per the population map prepared based on

The geopolitical and environmental dangers of Turkey’s Bosphorus bypass canal

But Istanbul’s opposition mayor, Ekrem Imamoglu, has voiced alarm. “I am sweating when I talk about this channel because I can feel this is a nightmare;

Canal İstanbul: What if the opposition takes over before it’s completed?

Opposition tries to dissuade potential financiers of Canal İstanbul • Turkey is officially out of İstanbul Convention • Erdoğan makes false claims on

Istanbul Canal: A geopolitical tinderbox in the making?

Mr. Zafar focuses on the political, economic, and strategic elements of the Istanbul Canal, which as per President Erdogan’s plans, will be ready by …

The weird, wonderful relationship between Istanbul and its cats

Istanbul, Turkey, where we’re currently living, is a city of remarkable beauty. The stunning mosques and their slender minarets soaring overhead

A Bittersweet Return to Normalcy for Some Istanbul Residents

… all COVID restrictions and is seeking a return to normalcy after several months of lockdown measures. Dorian Jones reports for VOA from Istanbul.

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