Erkan’s recent presentations and a new publication

As the classes ended, I thought I would be more relaxed but ongoing writing tasks exhausted me. I assume I will not be free until the end of August to finish up all writings and a project on disinformation. However, I and two friends will take a road trip up to Artvin next week and I will probably escape out of town a few days during August. Pandemic messed up all the schedule. August used to be the least busy time but now we will be around to meet with the new students.

Despite the ongoing exhaustion I have, I am glad to have had a productive time in the last couple of months. Here are a few presentations and a new publication during this time:

Saka, E. (2021). Networks of Political Trolling in Turkey after the Consolidation of Power Under the Presidency. In Digital Hate. The Global Conjuncture of Extreme Speech. Indiana University Press.

Saka, E. (2021, March 20). Creating a Digital Archive of Dissent: The Gezi Archive. Recording it Ourselves  A Day Event about DIY Cultures, Information, Archives and Heritage.

Saka, E., & Furman, I. (2021, June 20). Digital Blessings for Holy Days: Performing Islamic Piety in the Age of Social Media. Materialities of Everyday Religiosity:  Historical and Contemporary Dynamics in Turkey and Iran.

Saka, E. (2021, July 7). Rebuilding Mainstream Media in Turkey. Spatial Dimensions of Two Online Media Venues (Medyascope and T24). Media Building.

Kılıç, B., & Saka, E. (2021, July 9). Ethics State of AI Startups in Turkey: A Look at the Developers’ Perspectives. CEPE/IACAP Joint Conference 2021: The Philosophy and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence.


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