AKP decides to ignore it all but “Over 50 percent of society ‘believe’ Sedat Peker and want an election…

According to the Operational Social Research Center, 68.9 percent of Turkey’s society think that “the politics-mafia relations are ongoing, as it was the case in the past.” 50.1 percent of the participants say that “Turkey is misgoverned.

Mafia boss’s YouTube claims rattle Turkish government

Sedat Peker accuses senior government figures of crimes including murder, rape, corruption and drug trafficking

Turkish television shows are popular fare throughout the Muslim world during Ramadan, full of tales of palace intrigue and the criminal underworld.

Anonymous government official quoted by BBC Turkish confirms some of Sedat Peker’s claims

The official said Peker’s claims about the seizure of a luxury marina from a businessperson and about the police

Women slam sexist language in recent political debate

The Human Rights Association and the CHP’s Kaftancıoğlu have criticized the language used by politicians.

SEDAT PEKER VIDEOS: Former intelligence officer Korkut Eken denies involvement in murder of journalist Kutlu Adalı



Crime boss Sedat Peker and his brother claim they had cooperated with Eken in a failed attempt to assassinate Adalı in

Turkey seeks arrest of mafia boss who alleges crimes by Erdoğan allies



Videos by convicted criminal Sedat Peker accusing president’s allies of grave offences get millions of views Turkey has issued a new arrest warrant for a convicted

Turkish reporter’s question to ministers signals desire to return to ‘original AKP’ – analyst

Musab Turan, a reporter with Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency, posing a question to two government

Pro-AKP media boss sues professor for tweeting about censorship of Paradise Papers report

Serhat Albayrak demands 100,000 for damages from Prof. Akdeniz after an incident of “blockception,” where reports

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