Guess who may have stopped sanctions against Belarus… #Europe agenda

Associates of detained dissident journalist Roman Protasevich say they are receiving death threats.
Western powers voice outrage as Belarus accused of hijacking plane

The EU considers sanctions after Belarus forced a plane carrying a dissident journalist to land.
Damiano David: Eurovision winner cleared of drug use by broadcaster

A test clears Måneskin’s lead singer of drug use during the competition’s grand final.
The army chief of staff rebukes soldiers who accused the government of concessions to Islamism.

Revealed: 2,000 refugee deaths linked to illegal EU pushbacks

A Guardian analysis finds EU countries used brutal tactics to stop nearly 40,000 asylum seekers crossing borders

EU Study: Movie Pirates Chat on Reddit and Music Pirates Prefer Twitter

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) regularly conducts studies to identify copyright-infringement threats and challenges.

These studies help the public to understand local piracy trends and can be used as input for future policy decisions.

Most recently, EUIPO published a study (pdf) that looks at the role of social media in relation to counterfeiting and piracy.

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