Facebook decided to defy new Turkish social media law but I hear @googlepubpolicy may actually cave in!

Facebook surprised many of us by deciding not to appoint a representative in Turkey. It had its quite reasonable reasons. They do not want to escalate tension with the Turkish government but they had no choice. In the meantime, I heard some admins in Turkey’s Google businesses do not take the law seriously and due to their big business relations, they will just obey what the new law demands. If this move occurs, Google will become an even bigger evil than the other social media platforms. It will make Facebook and Twitter and all other global platforms weaken in their positions towards this repressive and very unreasonable legislation. Let’s see what people in Google headquarters will decide…
The Financial Times – Laura Pitel in Ankara and Hannah Murphy in San Francisco – Oct 5, 2:45 PM

Facebook has decided to defy a new law in Turkey requiring social media companies to establish a formal presence in the country, setting the stage for a showdown with the government of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan that could culminate in the

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