Maybe a good riddance? “Facebook Threatens To Pull Out Of Europe If It Doesn’t Get Its Way – A #cyberculture roundup

VICE – David Gilbert – Sep 21, 5:42 AM

CORK, Ireland — Facebook has threatened to pack up its toys and go home if European regulators don’t back down and let the social network get its own way. In a court filing in Dublin, Facebook said that a decision by Ireland’s Data

Europe’s Digital Emergency

Although the European Union already has a lot on its hands as it confronts a new wave of COVID-19 infections and seeks to position itself for a sustainable recovery, it must not ignore another crisis looming on the horizon. The bloc is rapidly and inexcusably falling behind China and America in the digital transition.

The first big US city to prohibit private businesses from using the technology reflects rising skepticism of new tools and concerns about fairness

HBO’s excellent Succession won the best drama series at the Emmy Awards earlier today. But if tech deals were nominated for their drama, TikTok US would’ve won the award hands down. After two months of a rollercoaster ride, it seems that we’re near the end of this saga. Let’s back up and recap what’s happened in these last weeks. In July, President Donald Trump and other senior officials said they’re looking to ban TikTok amid tensions between the US and China, and suspicion of spying on Americans’ data. In August, Microsoft jumped in and said it wanted to buy the short…

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey launches ‘Crypto Open Patent Alliance’

Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey announced in a Sept. 10 tweet that his financial technology firm Square has launched the “Crypto Open Patent Alliance” (COPA).

In the tweet, Dorsey also announced that Square Crypto put all of its cryptocurrency patents into the shared patent library maintained by the COPA nonprofit. He explained that the aim of the initiative is “to help the crypto community defend against patent aggressors and trolls.”

Vinyl Outsells CDs for the First Time Since 1986

Finally, vinyl has its moment… again.

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