As in the words of @nevsinmengu, Turkey’s Ministry of Post-Truth has now a unit against “disinformation”

Turkey’s Ministry of Post-Truth

Since its establishment, the presidential system of government has brought new characteristics to the nature of politics in Turkey. One of those novelties has been the establishment of the Directorate of Communications. The Directorate, or as some Orwellian cynics call it “the Turkish version of the Ministry of Truth,” now has a new branch whose mission is to “direct information operations.” Creatively dubbed “The Office of Strategic Communication and Crisis Management,” the new body seems to be in charge of countering the policy failures of the new system with the increase of strategic propaganda.

The Directorate of Communications was established through a Presidential Decree in July 2018. Its mission was not understood at first, considering the Presidency at that time still had a spokesperson.

This is the building in Ankara the “ministry” operates at

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Under the Presidential Communications Directorate, a new unit has been initiated in the past week under the title of “Strategic Communications & Crisis Management Department”. According to the publication on the Official Gazette concerning the new unit, it will be responsible for guarding the state’s interests through cooperation and collaboration with relevant institutes and organizations…

The access block on has not been lifted by the local court despite two decisions by the Constitutional Court.

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