Erdoğan’s reaching out to youth may have backfired

I was busy with some other stuff and I could not post this on time. Nowadays AKP leadership decided that they may be losing popularity and they are trying to reach out to the younger generations. Erdoğan had a live Youtube session just before the national university entrance examination, whose date has been changed several times that had caused great anxiety. It became a scandal. While Erdoğan was talking to selected students and pre-serviced questions, like and dislike ratios signaled that this would end up as one of the most disliked videos. No worries, there are many other videos with more dislikes! However, at around the 40th minute, the editors stopped the live comments and as of now, the video is closed to comments. In yet another case, young users were active in downvoting Minister of Tourism’s company (ETSTur) app

Erdoğan worried about his ‘belly’ to be seen in cameras as he prepares for livestream with youth

Duvar English A video has emerged of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan showing his preparation process ahead of a

Erdoğan signals legislation on way to regulate social media

Number of imprisoned journalists in Turkey rises to 85 | Ahval

The detention of the journalist Müyesser Yıldız earlier this week raised the total number of

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