These are the type of statues we should be putting up. Danuta Danielsson smacking a neo Nazi (1985).

#Europe agenda: Greens score gains in France municipal elections…

France municipal elections: Greens score gains in second round

Voters punish President Macron’s party, though turnout was at record lows amid the pandemic.

Croatian women show the middle finger to abortion remarks

Prominent female figures take to gesture politics on pre-election debate on abortion.

Hungary ‘broke EU law with foreign funding rules’

A law requiring NGOs to disclose foreign funding is “discriminatory”, the EU’s top court said.

In Pictures: UK far-right protest slammed as ‘racist thuggery’

Police says they have arrested more than 100 people on Saturday after violence at London protest.
These are the type of statues we should be putting up. Danuta Danielsson smacking a neo Nazi (1985).
Rise of electric cars in Europe
Obesity in Europe vs USA
People are practicing social distancing at a demonstration right now on Prague’s Old Town Square
Post-pandemic concert yesterday in Cluj Kolozsvár Klausenburg , Transylvania

Babynames lists victims of lynchings and police violence

A striking message from today: “Each one of these names was somebody’s baby.”

Sweden drops probe into unsolved 1986 murder of PM Olof Palme

The chief prosecutor on the case says the probe was closed because the main suspect, Stig Engstrom, died in 2000.
Prosecutors say Stig Engstrom, who killed himself in 2000, was the man who shot Olof Palme in 1986.

Coronavirus: Lockdowns in Europe saved millions of lives

The researchers say the death toll would have been “huge” without a lockdown.

The news: Lockdowns in Europe helped stop 3.1 million deaths up to the start of May, researchers have estimated. Strictly limiting people’s movements and enforcing social distancing cut the average number of people that contagious individuals infected by 81%. The measures pushed the epidemic’s reproduction number, R, down from 3.8 to below 1 in all 11 European countries they studied, including Germany, France, Spain, the UK, and Italy, thus drastically curbing transmission. The calculations by the team from Imperial College London are set out in a paper in Nature this week.

Belgium’s 19th-century king becomes the symbol of the country’s anti-racist movement due to his brutal colonial past.

Who was Edward Colston, why was his statue toppled?

Edward Colston becomes symbol for UK’s Black Lives Matter movement as his statue is brought down in Bristol.

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