İstanbul 2020 May.

Polls state “#Istanbul mayor İmamoğlu could edge Erdoğan in possible presidential race… news roundup…

Istanbul’s opposition mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu could defeat Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan by a

The hidden stories behind Istanbul’s ancient neighbourhoods

The hidden stories behind Istanbul’s ancient neighbourhoods. Turkey’s economic capital is a melting pot of cultures, but some of its oldest buildings can

Turkey Reopens Istanbul’s Iconic Grand Bazaar

Turkey has reopened one of Istanbul’s most popular sites, the 15th Century Grand Bazaar, as measures imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus …

Istanbul Skyline from the Other Side

Istanbul to hold socially distanced, masked and disinfected entrance exams for high schools

Levent Yazıcı, the Education Director for the province of Istanbul said on May 28 that high school exams scheduled on June 20 would be held in socially distanced and disinfected classrooms with all parties wearing masks.

Istanbul hosts an estimated three million students, 770,000 of whom are in middle school. Approximately 280,000 of those students will graduate this year and take Turkey’s high school entrance exams, or LGS.

Istanbul from above
İstanbul 2020 May.
Islamic prayers will be held at Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia museum on Friday in honour of Conquest of…
Surreal Photo of Grand Bazaar of Istanbul by photographer Aydin Buyuktas


Istanbul diver İsa Şahintürk recently recorded underwater footage in the Bosphorus where solid waste, including gloves and masks used for COVID-19 protection, was highly visible.

Şahintürk, who’s been diving around Istanbul for three years, hasn’t noticed any difference in the levels of solid waste pollution in the water during the COVID-19 isolation period.

The Turkish government on May 29 celebrated the 567th anniversary of the Ottoman conquest of Istanbul with an Islamic prayer at the 6th-century Hagia Sophia, a UNESCO world heritage site.

The Conquest Sura, a section of the Quran, was recited at the contested building as part of a program held by the Culture and Tourism Ministry.

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