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I have been meaning to share my Spotify lists for a while. Last year, I finally decided to switch to Spotify. A combination of codes, materialities, and usage practices led me to this switch. A few years ago, when I searched for some obscure metal bands, Spotify did not have them. So I kept my routines. But Spotify’s music library is now big enough to offer more than enough for a metalhead now. As the library issue is solved and I can have access to songs whenever I want, I do not need to keep my songs in a separate hard drive anymore. Secondly, Spotify is cheap enough to subscribe. It has provided the ideal business model. Its interface is not handy for an old person who is used to which I still rely on. I connected my Spotify account to so I can still maintain my overall listening stats and relevant recommendations. Thirdly, I moved to the US for a year for a sabbatical visit. That meant a total change in my music listening practice. In İstanbul, I mostly listen to music when I am driving. That’s the only time, I can listen as loud as I can. In Irvine and in Boston, I did not have a car that had a good musical system and besides, I began walking again! That meant I could listen to music when I was making long walks. Then I began to use Google Music. The latter was not available in Turkey but at some point in time I had access and I uploaded most of my archive to my account there. However, all the uploading process and the sound level were not particularly enticing. Google messes up good in some of its applications and then came the constant Youtube premium ads. So I finally switched to Spotify and I am very happy!

and now I am back in İstanbul. I have a new car, which has a Bluetooth connection. That means I can just use my smartphone to play as loud as possible. All set now.

In the meantime here are my best-of lists. I still curate and add some songs and decide to create new ones. All are still developing.

My primary list is my core best-of list. The heaviest stuff. So I ended up calling it ErkannicaHardcore but not necessarily “hardcore material”. I do not like that genre at all. Some early songs do not appear to be playable, I am working on it.

At the beginning that was the only list. However, I began to start a new list with “softer” songs. From country, rock to metal and some other relatively related stuff:

Apart from my ever existing infatuation with metal, I keep listening to a genre called Anadolu Rock. So I devoted a playlist to this genre. However, the playlist is not purely Anadolu Rock songs. Through recommendations and some tailoring, I ended up including some Kurdish songs and some radical protests songs.

I have started a few more playlists recently but I will not share them yet. I am slowly exploring Turkish rap songs but also hip hop in general but then jump to punk and end up in some sort of world music. That playlist will be very chaotic (!)

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