Solidarity protests in #Europe… Trump desperately targets #antifas #GeorgeFloydProtests #BLACK_LIVES_MATTERS

People in Lebanon and Jerusalem also show support for US protesters demanding justice after George Floyd’s death.
Trump has alleged they and other groups have led violence across the US in the wake of the death of George Floyd.
The police know how to de-escalate a situation when they want to.

NYPD Cruisers Drive Into Protesters in Brooklyn in Third Night of Demonstrations

Dozens of people were arrested as thousands took part in protests across the city over the death of George Floyd.
Officials backtracked earlier statements even as authorities cautioned that people who are arrested often give fake addresses.

The Police Don’t Change

Police chiefs may have condemned the killing of George Floyd, but the actions of their officers since show that nothing’s shifted.

A protester and a police officer today in Fargo. This is what solidarity looks like.
by u/11schlge in pics

This is why we march.
by u/ComplexToxin in pics

It’s not white vs. black, rich vs. poor, police vs. citizens….it’s EVERYONE vs. racists.
by u/Riley_Cubs in pics

A protestor in Oakland, California holding a sign "our kneeling never killed anyone"
by u/kaafar in pics

The kind of damage a rubber bullet does
by u/soursh in pics

New York State Senator Zellnor Myrie was pepper-sprayed last night.
by in pics

Dallas PD was spraying pellets and hit a woman that was going home with groceries.
by in pics

Hacktivist Group Anonymous Takes Down Minneapolis PD Website, Releases Video Threatening To Expose Corrupt Police Officers
by u/jigsawmap in technology

Like a boss
by u/RelaxedChap in pics

Seattle protester.
by u/snwbrdrmidget15 in pics

Santa Ana 5.30.2020
by u/Jchang0114 in orangecounty

This man has been standing alone in our town square for the past few days, gods bless his courage
by in pics

This is Linda Tirado. She is the journalist who was permanently blinded by the police.
by u/spyder728 in pics

Dallas woman shot by police pellet while grocery shopping
by u/2dubs1bro in pics

At a peaceful protest in Fargo, ND
by u/nsfalcon in pics

Graduation, Minneapolis, May 29, 2020
by u/666SignoftheBEAST in pics

Statue of Liberty
by u/iphonexmas in pics


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