While Turkish leaders were busy criticising racism in the US, #BarışÇakar was allegedly “stabbed to death ‘for listening to Kurdish music’ in Turkey’s capital…

A 20-year-old man was stabbed to death allegedly for listening to Kurdish music in the Turkish capital Ankara.

Barış Çakan, who was from the eastern province of Ağrı, was attacked by three people late on May 20 in the Etimesgut district and was stabbed in his heart while he was sitting at a park.

The attackers were detained after the incident.

Speaking about the killing, Çakan’s cousin Doğan Çakan told Mesopotamia News Agency that this is not the first time that they were attacked for listening to Kurdish music, adding that the murder may be racially motivated.

However, he later told Evrensel daily that it’s not related to Kurdish music, while also noting that he was not present at the scene of the murder.

Killing of 20-Year-Old Man in Ankara: Governor’s Office Says It Wasn’t Because of ‘Kurdish Music’

Barış Çakan was stabbed to death in the capital. Three suspects have been taken into custody.
Emre Soylu, adviser to Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputy Olcay Kılavuz, on Sunday posted to…
Intellectuals, writers, artists, activists and politicians have condemned the threats targeting Hrant Dink Foundation. “We never accept a mentality that ‘raises a murderer from a baby’ or a system that is dominated by such a mentality,” the statement has read.

INTERNATIONAL WEEK OF THE DISAPPEARED: CHP MP Releases Report of ’40 Years of Forced Disappearances in Turkey’

After the 2016 coup attempt, the cases of forced disappearances have increased again, MP Tanrıkulu has said.
It has been 25 years since Saturday Mothers/People started demanding justice for the enforced disappeared: “We have once again exclaimed that we will give up neither our losses nor Galatasaray Square, which is our meeting place with them.”

Detained for ‘Insulting Erdoğan’, CHP’s Dila Koyurga Sentenced to House Arrest

Taken into custody for allegedly insulting the then PM Erdoğan with her social media messages, main opposition CHP
An unknown perpetrator removed a cross on the gate of the church and threw it away in the second attack on Armenian churches in less than three weeks.

Erdoğan targets main opposition CHP’s İzmir provincial organization with five fresh ‘insult’ lawsuits

Duvar English
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has filed lawsuits against five officials from the main opposition

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