#CoronaVirus updates: Turkey Confirms Fifth Coronavirus Case… Our classes cancelled for 3 weeks… WHO says Europe has now become epicenter of coronavirus crisis

All five cases are “directly related,” the Health Minister has informed and announced additional measures against the outbreak.
Addressing the reporters following the “Coronavirus meeting” chaired by President Erdoğan, Presidential Spokesperson Kalın has announced that primary, secondary and high schools and universities will be temporarily closed.
Turkey bars fans from sports stadiums due to coronavirus | Ahval

Presidential spokesperson İbrahim Kalın said that fans will not be allowed to attend any sporting

WHO says Europe has now become epicenter of coronavirus crisis


The head of the World Health Organisation says Europe has now become the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

A countrywide lockdown has not stopped Italians from bursting into morale-boosting song

Porn sites have turned coronavirus into a viral marketing scheme — and it’s working

While the coronavirus pandemic is forcing governments across the world to put entire nations under lockdown, adult entertainment companies have found a way to spin this health crisis into yet another opportunity to make you watch more porn — and according to data, the strategy is working.

Coronavirus: Europe now epicentre of the pandemic, says WHO

More cases are now reported every day in Europe than in China at its peak, the WHO says.
Scientists are rapidly analyzing genetic samples from infected patients and sharing the data. But to move too fast is to risk making mistakes.

Coronavirus: Countries enforce mass closures to stem spread

Schools close, museums shut, sports events are off and lockdowns widen as the coronavirus spreads.

Singapore is the model for how to handle the coronavirus

The key features: quick action, extensive testing, and relentless tracking.

Coronavirus crash: The Dow had its worst day since 1987, plunging about 10%

“The Dow had its worst day since 1987, plunging about 10%, despite moves by the Fed and ECB to calm markets,” the WSJ

Turkish man hospitalized after consuming soap as ‘coronavirus precaution’

 A Turkish man has been hospitalized after consuming a liquid soap called “Arap sabunu” in an attempt to “not

These robots are attacking coronavirus at hospitals

Danish company UVD Robots developed autonomous mobile robots outfitted with powerful ultraviolet lights that destroy microbes. The robots roam hospitals pausing at pre-determine points to fire up their disinfecting beams. According to UVD, they’ve shipped hundreds of robots to China in recent weeks as they rush to meet the demand from more than 2,000 medical facilities in that country alone. From Evan Ackerman’s story in IEEE Spectrum:

The worst-case figures are what would happen if no action is taken to slow the virus, which spreads person to person.

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