#İstanbul news roundup: “Historic buildings near Galata Tower face danger of collapse

Two historic towers near Istanbul’s landmark Galata Tower, which has an important place in the unique silhouette of the city, face the danger of collapse.


The planned metro station of the new Istanbul Airport, which has been surrounded in controversy since its official opening over a year ago, will be located 300 meters away from the airport, according to a column by the journalist Fatih Altaylı in the daily Habertürk on Monday.

This was confirmed to Altaylı in a conversation he had with with Kadri Samsunlu, CEO of the IGA firm that runs the airport. Samsunlu acknowledged that the extensive distance was due to a planning error.

Istanbul Jazz Festival to feature over 300 artists

The Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Awards will be given to the veteran singer Atakan Ünüvar of the TRT Istanbul Radio Jazz Orchestra and famous

Coronavirus sparks crisis at Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar

The corridors of Istanbul’s iconic Grand Bazaar, usually crammed with haggling tradesmen and shoppers, are emptying fast as fears mount for the

Turkish police use tear gas in Istanbul to disperse Women’s Day crowd

Istanbul’s governor Ali Yerlikaya decided to close down Taksim metro station and parts of nearby Sishane station and said all roads leading to main …

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