Vandal nationalism: “Tourists wearing Kurdistan scarves attacked in northeastern Turkey

They are from the Kurdistan Autonomous Region from Iraq, which is formally recognized by the Turkish nation-state. The governor’s office arrested and deported the tourists and as far as I understand nothing done to the attackers…


Kurdish Tourists Assaulted in Trabzon to be Deported from Turkey

A group of tourists who wanted to have their pictures taken with a scarf Kurdistan written on it were assaulted in Trabzon. The Governorship has announced that nine detained tourists will be deported from Turkey.

Residents of Turkey’s northeastern province of Trabzon attacked nine tourists from northern Iraq…
The word “Kurdistan” was censored in the Turkish translation of Paulo Coelho’s book, “Eleven Minutes”. What is always most dangerous is that Kurds saying “Kurdistan.” So, what happens when you say the word in Turkey?
A Turkish court on Wednesday ruled for the continuation of arrest for the former co-chair of the

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