“Trump declines to criticise Turkey’s Russia missile purchase” BUT “U.S. Formally Cancels Sale of Fighter Jets to Turkey, a NATO Ally

U.S. Formally Cancels Sale of Fighter Jets to Turkey, a NATO Ally

Turkey, whose purchase of a Russian missile system has created friction, called the Trump administration’s move a “mistake
Trump declines to criticise Turkey’s Russia missile purchase

The US president takes a softer line against the deal, saying Ankara was forced into the move by his predecessor Obama.
Turkey’s Erdogan Goes His Own Way as Distrust With U.S. Grows

Three years after a failed coup, the decision to buy the Russian S-400 missile system underscores the Turkish leader’s desire to

Pentagon and White House Have Announced: Turkey Suspended from F-35 Program

After the S-400 air defense missile system has been delivered o Turkey, two official statements have been made by the US

Cutting Turkey from F-35 program to damage ties: Foreign Ministry

Turkey is calling on the U.S. to correct its mistake of removing the country from the F-35 fighter jet program, “which will

NATO: Turkey is Much More Than S-400

After the US has announced that Turkey has been suspended from the F-35 program in the wake S-400 delivery to the
At least three Turkish diplomats killed in Iraq’s Erbil

Turkish consulate staff were shot while having lunch in a restaurant in the Iraqi Kurdistan capital.

Russia on EU Sanctions to Turkey: ‘We are Against Diplomacy Through These Methods’

Andrey Kelin and Maria Zakharova from Russia’s Foreign Ministry have criticized the EU sanctions to Turkey for its hydrocarbon
E.U. Punishes Turkey for Gas Drilling Off Cyprus Coast

The measures stopped short of all-out sanctions against Turkish companies, but they come as the country’s economy is

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