#TrollWatch “Booing the call for prayers [azan]” is this season’s black propaganda tool

A concentrated black propaganda attack by pro-government newspapers

A couple of days ago, normally colorful and peaceful women’s day march was harassed by unprovoked police attack. This ugly scene before the local elections would not be that agreeable but I guess it is hard to stop our president’s angry minister of affairs.

Pro-government Islamists soon found a way to mask this attack: A group of women protesters booed the call for players. Any reasonable person- even some few pro-government persons rejected this claim- as protesters were booing the police- but of course, this is not about the reason. As far as I could see, Yeni Şafak daily was the main provoker. This daily was very effective during Gezi Park Protests but Sabah/AHaber clique became more vocal in agitations in the last few years. These media organizations slightly represent intra-AKP factions: AHaber is rumored to be associated with the Pelican group/ son-in-law faction and Yeni Şafak is rumored to be more affiliated with others that include our minister of internet affairs (Süleyman Soylu). It seems that this was a good opportunity for Yeni Şafak to dominate the scene again. However, booing azan is a universal tool. As far as I could observe, all trolls were together last night in their agitations. Probably they are fighting each other about who agitates better. If President Erdoğan did not pick up the line, this could not become a big issue but well, it is the election time. He never misses something like this.

In the meantime, as I always argued, trolls are not in this alone. In fact, they are mostly amplifiers of supposedly legitimate news sources. As you see in the image above, all pro-government newspapers appeared yesterday with nearly the same headline. Yet another case of black propaganda organized behind you know where. Last night a group of Islamofascists was in Istiklal Street, supposedly protesting this blasphemous act that did not actually happen. They have tried to attack citizens around. A scene that repeats itself since the 1950s. This time, the police intervened, there was no casualty…

Reuters – Reuters Editorial – Mar 10, 7:39 AM

ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday accused a women’s march in central Istanbul on Friday of disrespecting Islam by booing the Islamic call to prayer. Several thousand women had gathered in central Istanbul on Friday

They Whistled Call to Prayer’ Statement Criticized by AKP MP, Columnists Close to AKP

President and AKP Chair Erdoğan’s allegation that the women attending the March 8 feminist night march in Taksim

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