Offensive on the Western Front… “Turkey expels three German journalists; says buying Russian S-400s a done deal…

Turkey expels three German journalists

Germany’s foreign minister says the decision is unacceptable and he will campaign against it.
Turkey’s president said on March 6 that Ankara has finalized an agreement on purchasing Russia’s S-400 missile defense system.

Erdoğan: Purchasing S-400 not related to NATO, F-35

Turkey’s purchase of S-400 missile defense system from Russia has “nothing to do” with NATO, F-35 fighter jets or security of the
The Financial Times – Laura Pitel in Ankara – Mar 7, 3:00 AM

It is the vehicle of choice for British builders and plumbers. But few of the “white van man” types who drive the Ford Transit may be aware that it is produced primarily in Turkey. The commercial vehicle is just one of a host of

How repressive does a country have to be before it becomes a guilt trip for tourists? | Catherine Bennett

Turkey’s latest attack on free speech is unlikely to affect its appeal to British sunseekers Go on, visit Turkey. For “fun,

In what sounds like an example of life imitating “Veep,” first lady Melania Trump’s visit to a school in Oklahoma this week might have accidentally triggered an international incident after reporters in Turkey revealed that the school was founded by followers of a dissident Turkish cleric who Turkey’s government blames for an attempted coup in 2016.

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