Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Failed Epically in Parliament. But No One Has a Better Idea.

One of the more dramatic subplots of the very dramatic day in Britain’s House of Commons was Labour MP Tulip Siddiq’s

Brexit: A timeline

Al Jazeera recaps the major developments on Britain’s path to Brexit since it was first proposed by ex-PM David Cameron.

Germany steps up monitoring of far-right AfD party

The move will not yet amount to full-scale surveillance of the nation’s main opposition party.

More snow forecast as parts of Europe battle worst snowfall in decades

Northerly winds have caused conditions which have trapped people in some villages.

Macron and French Centrists Don’t Have Answers as “Yellow Vest” Protests Head for 10th Week

Last November, the French started a new Saturday tradition: “Gilet jaune” protesters wearing yellow safety vests started to take

Gillette triggers Twitter’s right-wing elite with ‘toxic masculinity’ ad

Gillette, a company that sells razors, triggered a slew of right wing celebrities on social media yesterday with an

EU suggests majority vote on digital tax by 2025

The European Commission hopes to push member states to accept that globalisation and recent tax scandals make majority

Why has Europe had so much snow?

Matt Taylor explains the meteorology behind the record-breaking snowfall seen in Europe over the past few weeks.

In Pictures: Snow cripples parts of Europe

More than 20 people have died and entire villages have been buried in snow showers, which started in December.

Macedonia parliament agrees to change country’s name

The change ends a decades-long dispute with Greece, opening the way to EU and Nato memberships.

Syrian woman distributing food and clothes to Greek refugees in Syria – 1942 (Huna El Qods newspaper) from europe


This is accurate from europe


Students skipping school to go protest against climate change in Finland from europe

Spartacists (Communist-aligned revolutionaries), after taking a newspaper office in Berlin, use gigantic piles of newspapers as a barricade. January 11, 1919 [1000 x 860] from HistoryPorn

The grand houses atop the Pont Notre-Dame, Paris – 15th and 16th century, all demolished by 1788. from Lost_Architecture


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