“Trump Threatens to ‘Devastate Turkey Economically’ if It Attacks Kurds” BUT Turkish leadership downplays it…

Not that they are really scared, I believe, as with the US retreat, Turkey gets what she wants in northern Syria. Under normal conditions, there would be angry talk-backs, trolls would be alert etc but it seems they just let Trump’s tantrum pass… Like Russia, Turkish ruling elites like Trump more than the previous presidents and they prefer to go on him soft…
In tweets, the president threatened the NATO ally and seemed to offer a blanket of protection for a band of American-backed militias in Syria after U.S. forces leave.
US warns Turkey of economic ‘devastation’ if it hits Kurd forces

Threat by Trump draws response from Ankara telling Washington not to conflate Syrian Kurds with ‘terrorist groups’.
US equating Kurds with PYD/YPG ‘fatal mistake’, Turkey warns Trump

Turkey on Jan. 13 warned U.S. President Donald Trump against conflating Syrian Kurds with the illegal PKK organization.
Trump: We Will Devastate Turkey Economically If They Hit Kurds

US President Donald Trump has made a call “to stop the endless wars.” Presidential Spokesperson İsmail Kalın has responded:
The Turkish Statistical Institute has announced the inflation figures for December and 2018. While the consumer inflation has fallen by 0.40 percent in December, the annual consumer inflation has become 20.30 percent in 2018.

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